Ya Allah  ﷻ
Ya Rabb, glory is Yours alone.
Ya Moulana, O Master praise and Thanks to You Alone.
By Your Beautiful Names, The Asma-ul-Husna, You established a sufficiently rich existence for us Ya Allah ﷻ
Ya Mubdi  Al Wara ﷻ
 O Maker of Mortals   Protect us from worries, anguish and trials.
Allahumma inni as’aluka Ya Allah ﷻ
Ya Rahman ﷻ
O Merciful  bestow a realization  on us Of Your Excellence and Nur encompassing us.
Ya Raheem ﷻ
O Merciful to the Worlds  collectively Guide us to Your Sanctified Nearness.
Ya Malik ﷻ
O King  purify our souls and thoughts of all else but You.
Ya Quddu’s ﷻ
O Holy  sanctify my nafs from my whims.
Ya Salaam  ﷻ
O Giver of Peace  protect me from exhaustion.
Ya Mu’Min  ﷻ
O Faithful  bestow on us safety and delight.
Ya Muhaymin  ﷻ
O Preserver  beautify our insides with longing for You.
Ya Aziz ﷻ
O Mighty , lavish us with honour and power.
Ya Jabbaar ﷻ
O Compeller  disperse our enemies .
Ya Mutakabbir  ﷻ
Our Supreme  enhance our affairs with You.
Ya Khaliq ﷻ
O Creator of Existence  give us in Abundance.
Ya Bari ﷻ
O Fashioner  protect us from the entire creation.
Ya Musawwir ﷻ
O Former By Your grace remove our worries.
Ya Ghaffa’r ﷻ
O Forgiver  eradicate our sins.
Ya Qahha’r ﷻ
O Subduer vanquish our enemies.
Ya Wahhab ﷻ
O Bestower grant us knowledge and wisdom.
Ya Razzaq ﷻ
O Provider  expand and improve us.
Ya Fattah ﷻ
O Opener  expedite with difference.
Ya Aleem ﷻ
O All-Knowing illuminate our hearts with Your knowledge.
Ya Qabid ﷻ
O Grasper  take us in the best of states.
Ya Basit ﷻ
O Extender of Provision  extend our provision.
Ya Khafidh ﷻ
O Abaser  humble our hearts with care.
Ya Rafi’ ﷻ
O Exalter exalt our mention and raise our status.
Ya Mu’Izz ﷻ
O Honourer  Honour us with devotion and piety.
Ya Mudhill ﷻ
O Degrader humble our egos in serenity.
Ya Sami’ ﷻ
O All Hearing  execute our statements appropriately.
Ya Basir  ﷻ
All Seeing enlighten my heart of my faults.
Ya Hakkam  ﷻ
Ya Adl’l ﷻ
O Supreme Judge, O Just,
rule over our hearts With justice and empower us with rationality.
Ya Lateef ﷻ
O Gentle  surround us with gentleness and love.
And Crown us with Nur we long for.
Ya Khabir’ ﷻ
O Aware  remove our distress.
Ya Halim ﷻ
O Forebearing  perfume our souls with forbearance.
Ya Azi’m ﷻ
O Great  aggrandize our affairs with knowledge.
Make our state in sublime truthfulness.
Ya Ghafur  ﷻ , Ya Shakoor ﷻ
O Forgiving , O Appreciative favoritism does not cease.
O My Master select us with gratitude and forgiveness.
Ya Aliy’y ﷻ
O High.
Ya Kabir ﷻ
O Magnificent beyond all our imagination So Glorified are You , Ya Allah.
Ya Hafiz ﷻ
O Protector protect us from misfortune.
Ya Muqit ﷻ
O Maintainer nourish us with excellence and happiness.
Ya Hasib  ﷻ
O Reckoner You Are my Succour from destruction.
Ya Jalil ﷻ
O  Sublime, You are  my  refuge  and sufficiency.
Ya Kareem’ ﷻ
O Generous, Gift us with contentment,
Gift us with Purified souls,
Gift us with Generosity and Prosperity.
Ya Raqeeb ﷻ
O Watcher pardon us and cure us.
Ya Mujib ﷻ
O Responder  Ease for us all our affairs.
Ya Wasi’ ﷻ
O Vast expand our knowledge and our wisdom.
Ya Hakim ﷻ
O Wise grant us wisdom and guide us.
Ya Wadud ﷻ
O Loving  enhance the Love from You generously to us.
Ya Majeed  ﷻ
O Majestic dignify all our matters.
Ya Ba’ith ﷻ
O Resurrector resurrect us in the best of states.
Ya Shaheed ﷻ
O Witness  let us witness your Highness in our Assembly.
Ya Haqq  ﷻ
O Truth actualize us by Your sanctified secret.
Ya Wakeelﷻ
 O Benefactor we rely on You Ya Allah, You suffice us.
Ya Qawiyy’  ﷻ
O Almighty.
Ya Mateen  ﷻ
O Relentless strengthen my resolve and aspiration.
Ya Waliy ﷻ ,
O Safeguarder.
Ya Hameed’ ﷻ
O Praiseworthy no one deserve praise but You, Ya Allah.
Ya Muhsiy ﷻ
O Numerator of things,
Ya Mubdi ﷻ
O Originator of mortals Favor us with happiness.
Ya Mu’id ﷻ
O Restorer  return us with Nur and revive us.
Ya Muhyi ﷻ
O Life-Giver  revive us from annihilation.
Ya Mumi’t ﷻ
O Life Taker, Take me as a Muslim, affirming unity. Honour our destiny, Ya  Rabb .
Ya Hayyu ,Ya Qayyum ﷻ
O Living, O Self-subsisting rectify our affairs.
Ya Wajid ﷻ
O Concerned Enrich us to be self sufficient.
Ya Majid ﷻ
O Exalted honour our ability with Your glory.
Ya Wahid ﷻ
O Unique  dispel our worries and our grieve.
Ya Ahad ﷻ
O One.
Ya Fard ﷻ
O Independent.
Ya Samad  ﷻ
O Absolute I entrust my affairs to You.
Ya Rabb ﷻ
O Lord  Do not leave me to myself,
guide us along our path.
Ya Qadir ﷻ
O Able enable us to repel our enemy.
Ya Muqtadir ﷻ
O Omnipotent sanctify our secrets from others.
Ya Muqaddim ﷻ
O Expeditor expedite my affairs prestigiously .
Ya Mu ‘akhir ﷻ
O Delayer delay our enemies with obstacles.
Ya Awwal ﷻ
O Eternal without beginning, without an end.
Ya Akhir ﷻ
O Everlasting without an end You suffice us Ya Allah.
Ya Zahir ﷻ
O Manifest Manifest in all our affairs.
Ya Batin ﷻ
O Hidden You never cease being good to us.
Ya Wa’liy ﷻ
O Governor we associate ourselves with no other.
Ya Muta’aliﷻ
 O Most High with help be our fortifier.
Ya Barr ﷻ
O Beneficient.
Ya Tawwab ﷻ
O Acceptor of Repentance  Bless us with Repentance and Eradicate our enormities.
Ya Muntaqim ﷻ
O Avenger take revenge on our enemies.
Ya Affuwwan ﷻ
O Pardoner  cure us and be kind to us.
Ya Ra’ufun ﷻ
 O Compassionate cure us with Your kindness.
Ya Malikul Mulk  ﷻ
O King of all Dominium.
Ya Dhal Jalali wal Ikra’am ﷻ
O Lord of The Majesty Be gentle on us in our affairs.
Ya Muqsitu ﷻ
O Equitable  strengthen us with uprightness.
Ya  Ja ‘Mi ﷻ
O Assembler assemble our hearts for You.
Ya Ghanniy ﷻ
O Self-sufficient.
Ya Muhniy ﷻ
O Enricher enrich us with You, My Master.
Ya Mani ﷻ
O preventer ward off every  distress and worries.
Ya Dharrﷻ
 O Afflicter afflict aggressors with their own wrongdoing.
Ya Nafi’ ﷻ
O Beneficial Benefit us with the Nur of our Deen.
Ya Nurrﷻ
O Light illuminate my disclosures and my secrets.
Ya Hadi  ﷻ
O Guide establish our way with Your Love.
Ya Badi ﷻ
O Original open for us the origins of wisdom.
Ya Baqi ﷻ
O Forever Remaining Let us be in annihilation of You forever.
Ya Warith ﷻ
O Inheritor bequeath me with knowledge and wisdom.
Ya Rasheed ﷻ
O Right Guiding guide us to the praiseworthy path.
Ya Sabur  ﷻ
O  Patient  pour patience on us with gratitude and contentment.
Bless us with The best of Yaqeen, Certainty .
Bi Asma’ikal Husna da’awnaka Sayyidi’
With The Asma’ul’Husna we called on You, My Master.
Toqabbal Du’ana  Robbana wa ‘stajib’lana.
Accept our call  Ya Rabb respond to us.
Allahumma Ameen.
Invocation of Shaykh Ad-Dirdir
Manzumatu Asma’lILahi‘l-Husna 

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